Week 3

Week 3 we continued to discuss “The Time Machine” due to Week 2’s cancellation. We watched excerpts from the 1960’s film version of “The Time Machine”. While currently outdated, it’s amusing to watch, and the CML library system has several copies!

Discussion Questions:

1) As an author what do you think of H.G. Wells? Does his style appeal to you, or did you find the book lacking?

2) Why do you think that after 120 years, “The Time Traveler” remains highly read? What appealed to his audience back then, and what about this book appeals to us now?

3) Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

4) Why do you think that Wells wrote such an ambiguous ending?

5) Do you agree with Wells that fiction is a good way to introduce new concepts to the public? How can this be used for good and for bad?

6) What would have happened if the Time Traveler ran into the Morlocks first?

7) The Time Traveler is sympathetic to the Eloi. Why do you think this is, especially for a scientific man (who you would assume would root for the strongest)?

Writing Exercises:

1) Write about what you think happened to the Time Traveler after the epilogue.

2) In Chapter 8, the Time Traveler goes into a museum. Some objects he recognizes, others he doesn’t. Take an object you know about, and see what the Time Traveler makes of it. (Smart phones, xboxes, modern art, etc).



Looking forward to discussing “The Story of My Life” next week!

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