Essay Writing – Paragraphs and In-Text Citations

Runland Squashplummer

Literature Class

Leah Bashaw

April 16, 2014


       This is what an in-text citation looks like. You start by quoting someone, say George Washington, “Hello, I’m George Washington” (Washington 54). Then you state the meaning behind the quote you chose. George Washington was very friendly and said hello often. Then you continue with your essay until you come to another quote. Perhaps all presidents were friendly. Lincoln himself says, “I love talking to people and saying hello” (Lincoln 34). Describe what Lincoln meant by saying hello. Then offer a transition paragraph into the next sentence such as the following.

While all Presidents liked to say hello, they hated to say goodbye


(Note: Your essay will be double spaced. Unfortunately this website continues to compress my double spacings! Sorry about that. :) )

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