Essay #2!

Essay 2 Requirements


Response Paper OR Compare/Contrast Paper on either “The Giver” or “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.


If you chose to write a Response Paper:


Chose a book, and then a topic relating to the book. For example, what is your opinion on the stance “The Giver” made about social issues? Create a thesis statement, and back up your opinions with sources! Use direct quotes from the book, and at least one other source. Remember that a thesis statement is your opinion about the book. You should be able to use sources to back up your opinion. A thesis statement can be argued.


If you chose to write a Compare/Contrast Paper:


Chose which book you will be writing about, and then chose a second source with which to compare this book. This second source can be a book, movie, play, song, commercial, etc. For example, you could compare the play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to the movie version of the play. Or you could compare “The Giver” to “The Hunger Games”. Just remember, for compare/contrast essay you are NOT comparing apples to oranges. You need to choose to compare two sources that have the same message, or the same setting, etc. There needs to be something to compare! (It would be really hard to compare Seseme Street to Transformers simply because they are so different). For compare/contrast you also need to decide which one is better! You will still need a thesis statement. An example is below:


“The Giver” addressed the importance of memories better than _________, with its characters, discussion of important social issues, and vague climax scene.


A compare/contrast essay can be very fun to write, but be aware that it may take more than 2 pages to organize your thoughts because you must have an opinion about two sources instead of one.


Regardless of which type of essay you chose:


2 pages


2 sources


A Works Cited page


MLA format (If you need help with this, that’s what a rough draft is for! I’m happy to help).


The topic is up to you to decide. Feel free to run it by your classmates for additional ideas. I’m also happy to help along the process if you feel you are having trouble.


Happy Writing!

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