Week 8!

This week was the end of our unit on “The Giver”.

The biggest complaint about the book was the vague ending. Lois Lowry wrote that she wanted every reader to decide the fate of Jonas and Gabriel for themselves. There was some disagreement among the class over what they thought had happened! Some believed Jonas and Gabriel died, while others believed that they reached another community (or place) where they were safe. To continue on this theme, our creative writing exercise was to finish writing “The Giver”. Responses ranged from goofy to tragic! It was interesting to see the different interpretations.

Below are the following discussion questions we considered:

1) Did you find the end of “The Giver” satisfying?

2) What are the benefits of living in the community?

3) What do you think of the scene (pg 127) where Jonas’ parents cannot tell him that they love him?

4) What did you feel when hearing about the release? Did it surprise you? This is a very relevant social question today, with many debates continuing to discuss whether euthanasia is humane.

What do you think make up a perfect community?

Everyone has food? Everyone has a job? Everyone is equal? There is no fighting? There is no war? It is organized?

What freedoms are you willing to give up for equality or safety?


All of these topics are important to consider, and it was a great discussion book for the class. I’d recommend seeing the movie at some point as well, and asking yourself if the movie was as good as the book (or better!). Next week we begin to read Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

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