Essay #3

Essay #3

Minimum of 2 pages

Minimum of 2 sources

There is no rough draft requirement for this essay. If you would like to bring a rough draft in to class, I am happy to look at it. Otherwise, just bring in your final draft on the 17th.

For Essay #3 you may write another opinion essay in which you form an opinion about either “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, or “A Christmas Carol,” and then support this theory with sources. Or you may choose to write about one of the five authors that we have read this semester: Harper Lee, Lois Lowry, William Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or Charles Dickens. If you choose to write about the author, this is still not simply a research paper. You will need to form an opinion about that author and the book they wrote.


No matter what topic you choose, remember to have a strong thesis statement! Examples are below:

“Charles Dickens’ writing was influenced by his unhappy childhood in which he experienced poverty,  distant parents, and illness.”


“A Christmas Carol” remains a popular novel, because of it’s inspiring message, interesting characters, and supernatural content.”


Good luck!



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