“Classes will dull your mind, [and] destroy the potential for authentic creativity”

– John Nash


Did that quote make you sad? It made me sad. Did your mind instantly turn to that class you were in that was so dry you could barely function? Mine did, too.

That is the reason you shouldn’t think of this literature “class” as a “class”. I’m not going to sit at the front talking for two hours while you all pretend to pay attention and nod and laugh at appropriate moments. (Though laughing at my jokes is appreciated!)

This class is a place where every person in the room has an equal say in what we will discuss. Come to class with an opinion! Come to class with questions! Come to class with ideas! Literature is not a science: It is open for interpretation. Any given book impacts every person differently. How did the book speak to YOU personally?

While reading these books we will discuss the authors, the historical context, the writing style, and the impact the book has had on readers and society. With a hands-on approach we will watch movie interpretations of these books, play games, write creatively, and work on coherently expressing our opinions through essays.

Literature excites me. Stories have the power to teach us about things we have never experienced, or show us that we are not alone in the battles we face. Classic literature has stood the test of time and continues to impact current generations as it impacted past generations.

I have made sure to give us plenty of time each week so that we can discuss and do anything that you want! It is up to you what you will take away from this class. The more involved each person becomes the more fun and enjoyable this class will be.

Feel free to call, email or text me with any ideas or questions that you have. If you need help with an essay, let me know! We have plenty of flexibility to make sure the class meets your needs personally.

This website has plenty of resources to browse. I will be posting discussion questions, good websites to explore, source ideas, as well as essay requirements and class reminders.

I look forward to some interesting discussions with you all!



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